Voightlander VITO R Automatic (1963)

Last week I popped into my favorite camera store.  An old man was trying to sell a Canon AE-1 and a few lenses.  I got to talking to him and he noted he was trying to sell a few old cameras for his brother, who needs the money.  “Oh boy…”  Low and beyold he pulls out a near mint Voightlander Vito, a Minolta Hi-Matic G2 (a well-made 1980’s ZF portable), and a Ciro 35 (f2.8, Graflex rangefinder)!  He gave me a box of cameras, light meters, filters, manuals and other odds and ends for $50.  It made my month.

This 35mm Voightlander is really special. It’s a hefty camera (no plastic here folks), with a nice big viewfinder, selenium light meter, and smooth lever action.  The camera is built like a tank.  The selenium cell is about kaput, but the camera gives an aperture option @ approximately 1/60th/s.  I’ll burn a few rolls of CN400 before I figure out the metering.


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