Notes on FujiFilm X20

FujiFilm’s new X20 is extraordinary. I had a half dozen people ask me about it today while I was taking some shots at the local botanical garden. Yes, the Supermacro Mode delivers. Here are my initial impressions:


  • Generally well built, but not exceptional build quality. Feels solid in hand. Not quite the build quality as OM-D EM-5.
  • Light and small (smaller than OM-D by comparison).
  • Lickity split fast on burst mode – on par or faster than OM-D.
  • Good realistic colors straight out of the camera as JPEGs.
  • 28mm f2 yields nice bokeh. Great indoor lens. I would have preferred a 28mm f2 fixed lens actually.
  • Incredibly quiet. Whisper quite.
  • Well made lens.
  • New Q button is improvement over the X10.
  • Viewfinder good but not great. Diopter a bonus.
  • Several filter options.
  • Menu is easy enough.
  • Cost ($599.00)


  • Partial viewfinder blockage from 28-35mm.
  • Springy flash mechanism seems flimsy.
  • Scrolly wheel is too loose (would have preferred less play).
  • Chews up batteries. Maybe 250 shots on AF-S mode.



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