Cosina CX-1 vs. LOMO LC-A+

Here’s a few shots comparing the Cosina CX-1 (early 80’s) to the LOMO LC-A+.  They are pretty much the same camera.  The CX-1 has a Cosinon 33mm f3.5 lens (4 elements in 3 groups = Tessar), while the LC-A+ a Minitaur 1, 32mm f2.8 lens. Both use coated lenses.  The CX-2 later upgraded to a f2.8 lens and autowinder capability.  The LOMO has a threaded shutter release button, manual film disengage (for double exposures). The big difference in the design is the rotating lens cover on the Cosina.  I actually had to read the manual to figure it out.  The Cosina has a nicer feel (covering). Both cameras are solid. One of these days I’ll do a head-to-head comparison of photos.



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