Sydney Tower, Ricoh GR

No Bill Posters, Ricoh GR

Sydney, Ricoh GR

Tree Swallow, Pentax KP, 55-300mm

Oriole, Pentax KP

Oriole, Pentax KP, 55-300mm

Droplets, Near-IR Shots

Olympus EP5 converted to NDVI-IR. Olympus 30mm f3.5 macro.

Old SLRs

Front: The venerable Pentax MX and ME. Nikon N2000 and FG. Back Row: Olympus OM-1. The two Pentax bodies were $5 each. The Nikon N2000 was $5. Nikon FG near mint $60. The Oly is a loaner, but I bought the 50mm 3.5 Macro for $29. It is difficult to pick a favorite, but the Black MX is special. I really like that camera.

Work Horses

I love these old shooters. The OM-1 is virtually silent. Cloth shutter. I prefer the Pentax ME. I can shoot with that sucker all day.

Through a Shotglass, iPhone 6S+