Babe’s Dream

Orioles Park at Camden Yards.



Leitz Telyt-R 250mm f4. Adapted to Fuji X-T3.

Klaus Kinski Wields a Voightländer

I’ll be damned. There’s that bad guy Klaus with a nice Voightländer Prominent in “Our Man in Marrakesh” (1966). Looks like he might have the 100/f4,5 Dynaron lens on there.

Voightländer Prominent



iPhone Silvertone Filter.


iPhone X.

Misc Shots

Steinheil München Auto-D-Tele-Quinar 135/f2.8. Portra 800. Nikon FE2.

Kodak Flash Bantam ‘47

35mm film spools on perfectly. Can’t wait to try this little gem.

Tak 35 Comparisons

SMC 35/f2 vs Super Tak 35/3.5. Adapted to Fujifilm X-T3.

Definite yellow cast to the SMC 35/2. I’m wondering if that lens contains thorium-doped elements.

SMC 35/f2 @ f3.5 (above)

Super Tak 35/f3.5 @ f3.5 (above)

SMC 35/f2 @ f5.6 (above)

Super Tak 35/f3.5 @ f5.6 (above)

SMC 35/f2 @ f8 (above)

Super Tak 35/f3.5 @ f8 (above)

Tak 35’s!

Pentax MX with SMC 35/f2 and a Super Tak 35/f3.5.

Ice Storm

Zuiko 24mm f2.8, with 7mm extension tube. Provia 100. Olympus OM-2S.