Toxie, Oly Pen, 25mm f1.8

Bus Window, Oly Pen, 25mm f1.8


Pike, iPhone 6S+


Ghoul, Oly Pen, 25mm f1.8


Night Visitor, Ricoh GR

Windmill, Leica M-1, 35mm f. 3.5 Summaron, Ilford HP5 400

Houghton Lake, Leica M-1, Summaron 35mm f3.5, Portra 160

Land Model 95, EP5, 45mm f1.8


Polaroid Print Coater

I just noticed my old Polaroid Land 95 kit still has an intact vial of Print Coater. Wow. 


Leica M1, 35mm Summaron with Tanner Goods Strap



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