Ant-Man, Super Tak 100mm f4 Macro

Model Railroad, Super Tak 100 f4, Pentax KP

Insectivorous Plants

Super Tak 100mm f4 macro on a Pentax KP. 

Cactus Nipple, Pentax KP, Super Tak 100mm f4 Macro

Butterflies, Pentax KP, Super Tak 100 f4.

Ada Bridge, Pentax KP, 15mm f4

HDR default setting. ISO 6400. 1/1000 @ f5.6. Handheld.

Cash, iPhone 6S+

Polynesian Scarecrow, iPhone 6S+

Nikon FG

Nice with 45mm f2.8 pancake and Gordy strap.

Sunset, Sigma 35-105mm

I mounted an old 1980’s Sigma push-pull zoom to an OMD EM5.