Skull Rock, iPhone 6S+

Joshua Tree, iPhone 6S+

HopCat Building, iPhone 6S+

Test Shot Zeiss Jena 40/f2 Biotar on OMD

Catnipped, Ricolet S, Fuji 200

Here’s a shot with that Ricolet S.

Ricolet S_Fuji 200

Transit of Mercury, Nikkor 135 f3.5

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Pentax 200/f2.8

Ricolet S Camera

$10. Nice find today. 1950’s point and shoot reminds me a bit of a screw-mount Leica. This has a fixed 45/f3.5 triplet lens.

Osprey, Nikon 300/f4.5, OMD EM5

Candy Clark, Bessa R4, CV 15mm f4.5, Ilford 3200


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