Mayfly, iPhone 6S+

Kitty, Oly 75/f1.8

Ruby-Throated HB, Oly 75/f1.8

Ricoh FF-90 (ah the 80’s)

I can’t stop this LCD from blinking! Please stop! I definitely overpaid ($10) for this thing, but the CL-9 close-up adaptor caught my eye. So far it has shredded one roll of cheap film, so I am negative around $12.

Train Tressle, Oly Pen, IR Lifepixel

Sonny, Contax G1, Zeiss 45/f2, Velvia 50

Cabazon Dinos,Contax G1, Zeiss 45/f2, Velvia 50

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Joshua Tree, Contax G1, Zeiss 45/f2, Kodak 400TX

Hot Dog Hat, Fuji 100X T

Ant Lion, El-Nikkor 50/f4 Reversed


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